Determining the right plastics process
The realities of quantities, lead times, budgets and design features have to be considered against unknowns such as market success and future design changes. Exothermic understands the risks that companies and designers face when selecting a vendor and their process, and actively collaborates with customers to help them find the best solution to maximize success.

How can Exothermic help you?
Exothermic utilizes Reaction Injection Molding technology, or RIM Molding, to produce polyurethane parts with a low temperature, low pressure process. Compared to traditional, high-energy molding methods, RIM Molding allows for use of low costs aluminum molds that are easily modified. The process can give designers much more flexibility in terms of form development, costs savings, and timing.

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The RIM Molding process is beneficial for:

  • Large Parts
• Wall Thickness Variation
• Material Encapsulation
• Fast Tooling Times
• Low Tooling Investment
• Durability and Strength
• Chemical Resistance

Want to learn more?
To learn more about how RIM Molding compares to other process options, please review our Process Comparisions page or contact us directly at (908) 272-2299 for further guidance. We also have several videos and white papers that discuss details of RIM and offer design guidance to help you choose the right process.
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About RIM Molding
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Working with Exothermic

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Evaluating Your Part Needs

Exothermic will assist you in evaluating all your part needs to determine if the RIM process will provide the most benefits. We’ll then help you design for the process to ensure optimum fit, function and appearance. We design, manufacture, and maintain your machined aluminum molds. Exothermic guarantees satisfaction through personalized attention, knowledgeable experience and a unique technology that leverages design freedom.


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